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Logo Design

Branding is more than just a logo.

When you think of great products or companies, the visual image that forms in your mind is probably that of their mark; McDonald's golden arches, Nike's Swoosh and Coca-Cola's wave. The inherent value of a quality brand is well established. At Go Media we've perfected the process of building memorable brands that last.

Our Cleveland logo design experts will ensure that your business stands apart in a competitive marketplace. Read our blog article to better understand what the difference is between logo design and branding.

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Why Brand?

Increased Sales

A high quality and consistent brand makes your company instantly recognizable. That recognition factor builds brand loyalty which leads to increased sales and referability.

Time & Cost Savings

An established set of brand standards gives you the tools you need to produce signage, marketing materials, packaging and digital assets, saving you time and money.

Customer Confidence

A strong brand communicates that you're a reliable professional. It not only increases the likelihood that customers will buy from you, but also increases the amount they're willing to pay.

Our Work


"You took my fuzzy 'client speak' and turned it into reality."

Cliff Hall, Futurescale Inc.

"How is it that you guys always hit it out of the park on the first run?"

Sam McNulty, Market Garden Brewery

"You went the extra mile and helped us create an awesome brand image."

David Atkinson, Swapbeats

What's included?

Go Media builds your identity using industry standard software in scalable vector format for maximum usability. Final files are prepared in a variety of formats for every conceivable application.

Branding Expertise

Go Media has been building quality brands for over fifteen years combining our unique artistry with business acumen. Our president, William A. Beachy speaks regularly on branding principles at business conferences, incubators and schools. Our team has created the brands for Honda's Indy 200, Jim Beam's Red Stag and West Palm Beach's SunFest. Rest assured that our passion for brand building is only matched by our knowledge.

Additional Benefits

Improved Referability

Establishing a solid brand makes your company instantly more referable. By providing your customers with a strong visual identity and messaging, it gives them the tools and confidence they need to recommend you to their peers.

Higher Employee Morale

Employees are proud when they work at a company with a strong public image. Pride translates into happiness and happiness translates into improved employee productivity. So, what came first - the image or the success? Well, let's just say that we believe in the power of visualization.

Our Process

  • Concepts

    Great brands are built on ideas.

  • Style Board

    A first look at the aesthetic.

  • Sketches

    Yes, we still use pencils!

  • Design

    Multiple proofs are presented.

  • Final Render

    Final files are polished.

Let's start the process


Brand Therapy

Communicate with clarity and purpose by aligning your core business strengths with audience trigger points. This process blends collaborative consultation with foundational messaging to build a practical tool kit.

Brand Standards Guide

Consider this your brand users manual. This simple to follow document details exactly how to, and not to use your mark, type and brand colors. This is a must to ensure consistent and appropriate application of your visual identity.

Go Brand Identity Package

These business essentials are among the most common touch-points with your customers. Make sure they're beautifully matched, reflecting your professionalism.

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