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We Are Weapons 015 – Live From WMC7

Bryan sits down with attendees, content contributors, and vendors to talk about WMC Fest 7 live from the Vendor Village.

Released on August 11, 2016 —

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The Archive

We Are Weapons 009 – Wilson Revehl

In this new audio series by Go Media, we sit down and talk with the contributors, sponsors, and attendees of our design conference,?Weapons of Mass Creation Fest,?to find out more about them and why they are Weapons of Mass Creation.

This week, we sit down with WMC7 Speaker and part-owner of Go Media Wilson Revehl.

We Are Weapons 002 – Dameon Guess from JakPrints

In this new audio series by Go Media, we sit down and talk with the contributors, sponsors, and attendees of WMC7 to find out more about them and why they are Weapons of Mass Creation.

This week, we sit down with JakPrints owner Dameon Guess.

We Are Weapons 001 – Illustrator Liz Mac

In this new audio series by Go Media, we sit down and talk with the contributors, sponsors, and attendees of WMC7 to find out more about them and why they are Weapons of Mass Creation.

This week, we sit down with Nova Scotia Illustrator and WMC Attendee Liz Mac.

WMC 6 – An Introduction to JakPrints

In this interview, we sit down with Dan Byler, who will be manning the JakPrints table in this year’s Maker Space. At the JakPrints table, you can talk with print specialists and partake in a scavenger hunt for sweet swag.

WMC 6 – An Introduction to Aaron Kaufman and Will Dages

In this interview, we sit down with Aaron Kaufman and Will Dages. They’ll take the stage on Saturday, August 8th at 10:45am with their talk entitled “Sharing Deodorant: Designers and Developers Working Better Together”.

WMC012 – One Month Away From WMC6!

Bryan and Heather sit down to talk about where we are with ticket sales, sponsorship and overall support, what we’re most excited about, and the constructive criticism we’ve received from the community.

GoMP29 – Collecting Metrics and What We’ve Learned

In this episode, Bryan sits down with Bill to talk what we’ve learned after a year of collecting metrics. Plus, we announce with Heather Sakai that WMC Fest tickets are now on sale. And, we profile Go Media designer Carly Utegg.

GoMP028 – What’s the deal with Go Media and WMC6?

In this episode, Bryan talks about what Go Media’s been up to over the last few months, explains why the podcast has been a bit silent, and what we’ve got planned moving forward. Plus, he sits down with Heather to talk about WMC Fest 6.

WMC010 – Martine Syms: Lesson of the Tradition

From Martine Syms: “‘Lessons of the Tradition’ is close read of a Most Days, a Mundane Afrofuturist sound work. The talk is a guided tour of my ideas, both where I took them from and where I took them to. I’ll explain my connection to the black radical tradition, using poet Kevin Young’s ideas, to provide a framework for how I understand my practice.”

WMC009 – Panel on Gender in Design and Creative Industries

This discussion, entitled, “Gender in the Design and Creative Industries,” is not to be missed. Held during the weekend of August 15 through 17th, 2014 here in Cleveland, Ohio, the panel was moderated by Raymond Bobgan, Executive Artistic Director of Cleveland Public Theatre.

The panel features Phyllis Harris, Zoe Renee Lapin, Dane Horvath, Treva Lindsey and Rusty C. Cook.

WMC008 – Jolby and Friends: Beyond Collaboration

“Most creators only scratch the surface about what it means to work with someone else. After 8 years of working together and pushing the idea of collaboration, we want to ask “what’s beyond a typical collaboration?” How can you get closer, dive deeper, and create something bigger than anything you could have imagined?”

WMC007: Cindy Barber Shares Her Story

Next in our line of engaging speeches from Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 5 comes to us from Cindy Barber, one of Cleveland’s Most Interesting People (2011, Cleveland Magazine) and founder of Beachland Ballroom.

WMC006: Racial Diversity in Graphic Design: a Panel Discussion

This is a panel discussion, “Race in the Design and Creative Industries,” captured at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 5. This featured panelists Jacinda Walker, Maurice Cherry, Luis Cabrera, Donald Wooten, Antonio Garcia and Linda Ayala. Angela Townsend of the Cleveland Plain Dealer moderated our discussion.

WMC005: Designer’s Debate Club: What Does it Mean to Do What You Love?

“Do what you love” — it feeds the soul but will it pay the bills? As this dreamer’s mandate has spread from an idealized dream to the driving force in work/life decisions, we are left to wonder — is it ultimately ignorant of life’s harsh realities: that doing what you love and making what you want requires a lot of unlovely doing. Is this popular refrain a privileged ex-post-facto for the already successful? Is it a comforting hymn we all sing as we walk away from that well-paying job into the dark unknown? Or are we really on the verge of a brave new world where doing what you love is the fastest way to getting what you want out of life?

WMC004: Eric Natzke – Leaving a Mark

Eric Natzke, Principal Designer for Adobe Experience Design group, joined us on this past summer at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. As he took the stage, we were moved by his talk, Leaving a Mark, as he shared the obstacles he’s faced, risks he’s taken and joys he’s found and is finding in his career as an artist, designer and programmer.

WMC003: Kumar Arora – What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

There is so much pressure behind the age-old phrase ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ Don’t you agree? Weapons of Mass Creation Fest speaker Kumar Arora took to our stages, tackling this phrase to see if it is actually a valid way of finding one’s life work. Stemming from various experiences between his career and personal life, Kumar explores how people find their passion, seek out new potential opportunities, take risks, and pursue multiple projects/ventures.

WMC002: Veronica Corzo-Duchardt – Cultural and Historical Influences in Design and Creativity

Veronica Corzo-Duchardt, Cuban-American designer and artist behind the Chicago-based creative studio, Winterbureau, treated us to an intriguing talk at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 5. In her time on stage, she discusses cultural and historical influences in design and creativity, as well as the intersection of design, art and archeology in her work.

WMC001: Grace Bonney – Do the Things That Scare You

Grace Bonney, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 5 speaker, is the founder of the blog Design*Sponge. She founded a national meetup group for women running creative businesses in 2008 and in 2011 she published her first book, Design*Sponge at Home. She is currently writing her second book, Design*Sponge by Hand.

GoMP027: Looking Forward to 2015

We’re back for another edition of the podcast. It’s a solo show as Bryan talks about what Go Media’s been up to, why there hasn’t been a podcast episode since WMC Fest, and what you can expect from the podcast moving forward.

GoMP026: Live from WMC Fest 5!

WMC Fest has come and gone by the time you’re listening to this episode. Nonetheless, we set up shop in the Big Cartel Vendor Village at WMC Fest 5 to talk shop with some speakers, vendors, and all around great community members.

GoMP025: Loren Naji and The Cleveland Art Scene

In a followup to last month’s episode, this month, we sit down with Loren Naji, owner of the Loren Naji Gallery, which has been in the middle of a public battle between the City of Cleveland and the design community.

GoMP024: Todd Gauman and Uniting Cleveland Creatives

This month, we sit down with Todd Gauman, the WMC Fest Event Director, to talk about all the new changes to WMC Fest 5. We also talk about the current struggles Cleveland Creatives face, including Loren Naji’s art gallery being shut down twice in three weeks.

GoMP023: A Conversation with Mike Jones from CreativeSouth.com

This month, we sit down with Mike Jones from CreativeSouth.com to talk about the event he co-founded and how Creative South is changing the design community in Georgia. We’ll also talk about WMC Fest 5 and what it takes to put on a good event. Introducing Podcast for Designers, episode 23.

GoMP021: Why Should Designers Use A CRM?

In this episode, Jeff, Bryan, and Bill sit down with Chris Finnecy from TrellisPoint to talk about CRMs and why a small design firm like Go Media should be using them. We looked at all of the benefits, as well as reasons why people tend to avoid them, and try to determine what is stopping Go Media from bringing in a CRM into our every day lives.